The UK’s leading money mindset expert, Harriette Hale, talks us through our right & responsibility of abundance, and why the “responsibility” part is so important. It’s not that it’s just a nice bonus to have more money flowing through our businesses… it’s that making the world a better place actually depends on it.

This is an episode every entrepreneur needs to listen to, and will motivate you to start taking your own responsibility in the world for greater abundance in your business & in your life.


Here’s a breakdown of the episode:

  • What Harriette had to do with establishing Business Bitch
  • How she started working for herself as a teenager (18 years old) when she realized money didn’t grow on trees & she couldn’t rely on her parents anymore
    • Getting paid $24,000 per year right away
  • Starting her second business at age 21
  • When her trusted employees stole her company out from under her feet. They swiped her client base, intellectual property, and accounts.
  • Going into £60,000 of debt overnight, then £100,000, then £200,000 of debt… with even more anxiety and depression.
    • Being 25 years old and $250,000 in debt… taking 3 years to rebuild the music agency & academy. But THEN set up a record label, an agency, dance & yoga studios… paid of all the debt, and purchased a £1,000,000 home. AND created her coaching company, Ask Harriette.
  • The Law of Abundance: the first rule of this law is that we all have a right & responsibility to abundance. Then we deep-dive into what that means on a practical level.
  • What happened when I took radical financial responsibility for myself this summer.
  • Why certain people will ALWAYS shit on your ideas & tell you they’re not possible – or tell you you’re evil for pursuing the money you need to change the world, and what to do about it.
  • How to break your patterns so you can access an abundance mindset, even if it feels hard for you right now.
  • Staying in relationships & money mindsets until we get tired of them. How to make change without getting reaching the point of exhaustion first.
  • Harriette teaches you how to say affirmations the way she taught me. This is what brought about Business Bitch.
  • Why gratitude is the key to realizing you have a right to abundance.


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