Look y’all, there are a million and one ways to make money. 💵

And a lot of people will SWEAR that their way of making money is the way. The way that, if you want to make money and be successful in business, you should use too.

But do you know why so many devotees of business gurus fail to be as successful as they are?

Because they’re trying to be another replica of that person.

Copy cat vibes.

They’re not following their own inner compass for what it is they’re meant to do or what they really want to do.

And they’re taking the “easy” way out. (Or, what seems like the easy way out, anyway.)

They’re letting other people dictate what they should do. And then, when those steps don’t work, they can blame the other person & not themselves… so it’s not “their fault” that they weren’t successful. It was the fault of a “fake guru,” and their pride gets to stay intact.

And yeah, I’ve never really been on board with the marketing gurus out there trying to preach and force their ways onto others… but that’s another rant for another time.

Today, we’re talking about giving away your power, stepping out of alignment with your calling and your purpose… and why doing so is an absolute detriment to your business.


I’m Having My Best Financial Month in a Long Time… and ‘Alignment’ is the Reason

When I decided to start Business Bitch, I told myself that as long as my bills were paid, I wasn’t going to worry about money.

Not because making money isn’t important to me… or because I think it’s not possible if you’re starting from scratch… but because I didn’t want to be stressed about “forcing” $8,000+ per month to happen.

If it happened, great.

But if it didn’t, also great. (So long as my bills were paid, of course.)

Instead of pouring my energy into worrying about money and finances, I wanted to pour my energy into the growth of the Business Bitch audience and awareness of the brand.

But, because I’m human, I had a bit of a panic mid-April.

And I thought the universe answered that panic because I was invited to apply for a staff writer position that would 100% take care of all my financial worries while growing Business Bitch.

But then, the people behind that invitation shit out on what they told me, and I was devastated.

I thought this position was meant to be, and I was putting all my hope in it. Sure, it might have been a bit “off-track” from my main goals, but if it meant no more financial stress, it had to be a good thing, right?!?



It wasn’t aligned, so it broke.

Truth is though, I might have been telling myself that the universe was looking out for me, but I knew deep down this position wasn’t what I wanted.

I didn’t want to be an employee, or to be “staff” to someone else. And I sure as hell wouldn’t have been standing in my own power and helping the world in the way only I can if I took on that role.

So I knew that if it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen for a reason.

And with nothing else to do, I started pouring myself back into Business Bitch and decided to give no fucks about that job application.

I also knew that if I surrendered myself over to support the growth and development of humanity, the universe had no other choice but to make sure I was supported in doing that work. ✨ 

So, I started writing a new teaching funnel full of powerful, useful advice for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and side hustlers. I poured myself into it and wrote the bulk of it in just one or two days.

And guess what?

Leads for copywriting clients started POURING into my Copy Power email.

High-paying, high-quality clients who easily say yes to my prices and value my expertise.

Copywriting projects that will be easy for me to complete, and that are for clients who are out there changing the world for the better.

Basically, a MUCH better situation than that piddly little staff writer job would ever be. Plus, I have way more time on my hands to work on Business Bitch.

(Oh, and I’m also getting more & more client inquiries for Business Bitch too, so there’s that. 💁🏼‍♀️)


Business + Spiritual Alignment = Success

Call it spirituality or call it just getting really fucking real with yourself as a person… it’s all the same thing.

When you get clear on what you’re meant to do in this life… on the life you truly, deeply want to have and the impact you want to have on the world…. nothing can stop you but yourself.

I know that I’m meant to help & heal the world through starting and growing businesses. Through helping the right people make lots & lots of money.

And that I’m meant to do it in my own way, in my own style. With my own sass.

Because my way is exactly what the world needs. The last thing the world needs is me trying to do it on someone else’s terms or according to someone else’s style.

I’m not meant to do it under some shiny, corporate-looking brand like I would have been doing with that staff writer job.

Save the cubicle life for Chandler. It’s a hard no from me.

I’m not meant to be another cog in a machine, even if that machine is there to do good things.

I’m meant to shine. I’m meant to be on stage. Heck, I’m meant to be popular on Instagram.

And when I try to pursue things that detract from any part of that, they don’t work. They break down. Even when it’s 100% “common sense” that it should all work.

If I’m not working on something to create a breakthrough, I will have a breakdown.

👉 It happened in January when I had a failed launch under Copy Power. From that breakdown, I had a breakthrough in mid-February about Business Bitch, which then became its own official entity in early March.

I immediately had a breakthrough with the amount of subscribers I got right away, but when I tried an “old” approach to growing my audience, it didn’t work.

I now have another plan to move forward in growing my audience.

👉 A breakdown happened again last month, when I tried to make money in a way that’s not aligned with who I truly am.

But thankfully, the breakthrough came to ONLY focus on what I’m meant to. And hell if that isn’t working like super glue sticking a 7-year-old’s fingers together. ✨


Successful Alignment = Uniqueness. No Cookie Cutters.

It’s why I’m so passionate about the work I do.

Why I’m so into 1:1, customized coaching.

Why I’m so into getting to know my clients, their real goals (not just the ones other people have imposed on them), and their personalities so we can cut the crap and get them to success faster.

Because BULL. SHIT. of one size fits all in growing a business.

Believe me, I tried following others’ rules for a long time.

My first business, Copy Power, did grow to be a success, but it sure as shit didn’t grow any time I tried putting the rules of other online business “experts” on it.

I can name exactly three teachers I’ve had & that I’ve paid money to over the years who taught their thing, but still gave my business enough breathing room to be itself so that actual growth could happen.

And I can name a lot more than three who I learned from who thought they were all that and a bag of chips, and that their methods were infallible. But then when I followed their methods… nothing happened.


You Be You & Success Will Follow

And that’s the BIGGEST lesson I’ve learned behind-the-scenes at Business Bitch HQ this month.

Of course, I can’t “be me” and take zero action and expect success to follow.

But when I use who *I* am and what *I* want to accomplish to decide my to-do list… THAT’S when the magic happens. 🔮

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