Before you dive into this episode: I’ll tell you that Bryan’s joke about becoming the #2 wedding planner in all of Singapore was not because of the alphabet. He got to the #2 spot all on his own merit, and his story there is fascinating.

In this episode, Bryan and I talk about:

  • His history as a dancer and being on a dance crew. (I’m his friend and didn’t even know this about him before the interview.)
  • How getting a small allowance in school started his drive to earn more money.
  • His unconventional, but linear progression of earning more money per hour & how he got into business for himself as the #2 wedding planner in Singapore.
    • It was a wild road via dancing, being a tour guide, working as a waiter, beatboxing, being a sound technician, taking a last-minute gig as an emcee, and so on.
  • The way he got the best wedding planners in the world to teach him for free.
  • Being the guy with an old, duct-taped Honda at fancy weddings in LA.
  • Getting ghosted by people in his industry & keeping the positivity anyway.
  • How he got published in big publications to gain clout for his new business.
  • Why he’s deciding NOT to grow his new video animation studio.
  • His new business ideas. (He’s got a ton of them, and they’re amazing.)
  • Our separate experiences with online business courses.
  • His thought on the quarter-life crisis people all over the world experience.
  • Thoughts on authenticity being about what you do rather than just “being” who you are.
    • (He calls me out hard on my anxiety. 🙄 But you gotta love him for it.)

Links Bryan mentioned & where to find him online:

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