You want to be an entrepreneur who supports yourself financially… but what if you have a chronic illness? What if your body can’t handle 40-hour work weeks, 52 weeks per year?

What if a “normal” work schedule doesn’t work for you… for whatever reason?

This has been a hot topic in the Business Bitch Instagram community, which is why I was so excited to have Brittany Berger of Work Brighter on the podcast.

Brittany is someone who’s dealt with different mental and physical illnesses since she was a child, and it’s affected her work life, despite her drive to be a high-achiever. And after working in the startup world for a while, “grinding” her way through it all, her doctors basically told her she had no other option than to quit her job for the sake of her health.

She took some time to recover, and now she’s a self-employed entrepreneur, mental health advocate, and she’s obsessed with helping people like you & me, no matter what our health status is, to work brighter instead of just the outdated working “smarter” that hustle culture likes to tell us to do all the time.

This interview was incredibly enlightening for a number of reasons, so if you’re someone who can’t work 40 hours per week for whatever reason (or just doesn’t want to work 40 hours per week because you have naps to take), I’d really encourage you to give this episode a listen and to check out the resources she mentions.


What We Talk About:

  • The conversations I had with YOU GUYS on Instagram about setting up a business that makes you money when you can’t work 40 hours per week due to illness or something else that requires energy, time, & attention.
  • How Brittany quit her full-time gig at a startup and started working for herself – she was basically forced to because of her illness.
  • Why she HAD to go the path of entrepreneurship & couldn’t just go on disability.
  • Why until she had to go full-time as an entrepreneur, her side hustles were just fun & she didn’t consider herself an entrepreneur.
  • Repurposing content & how that practice is SUCH a god-send for solopreneurs.
  • Working Smarter 🐴 vs. Working Brighter 🦄
  • How she’s able to produce SO MUCH content for her readers, without burning herself out over too much writing time.
  • What it means to be a high-performer without subscribing to hustle culture.
  • The attention economy & how it can hurt in a quantity vs quality culture.
  • How some of the biggest worlds leaders cap their deep work at 4 hours per day.
  • Why it’s key to let people know what’s going on with your health and accept help.
  • Part-time hours, full-time impact.
  • Taking energy management into consideration when you’re planning & her personal approach to daily energy management:
    • 1 high-energy per day
    • 1 medium-impact activity
    • low-impact items as fillers
  • Ways to get started with having better energy management for yourself.
  • How tracking her energy has helped her better-manage her illness over time too.
  • How to start choosing the productivity & self-care tools that work best for you & your own business & health goals.
  • We riff & get nerdy on automations & how they’ve saved our asses in business… especially when it comes to accounting. 🤓 (And why Freshbooks is SUCH a god damn life saver. 🙌)
  • Her visions for Work Brighter in the new decade as a media company.
  • Her advice for the Business Bitch community: Trust yourself more than you want to. (And know there are a lot more people there for you than you think. And accept that help. Don’t refuse help, or think you have to pay for help to deserve it.)


Links, Resources, & Tools Mentioned:

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