Blogging With Balls Masterclass

Blog writing mastery For anyone at any stage of business

FINALLY learn how to write the blog posts to get your website (& your work) the attention it deserves. 


Decide WHAT to Write About

Find the topics your target audience is ALREADY searching for. Getting found easily reduces half the work of marketing.

Learn HOW to Write

Learn HOW to put words on a screen in a way that makes sense, gets attention, and keeps people engaged. 

Get ATTENTION to Grow Your Business

When you’re interesting enough to pay attention to, you’re definitely interesting enough to remember. Especially on the internet. 

Become the Prolific Blogger You've Always Wanted to Be

Get an unending source of blogging ideas, and refine your blogging skill into something that gets easier & easier for you. With time, you’ll become one of the most prolific content producers you know.

Only $147 for lifetime access!

Blogging With Balls: Course Modules

Introduction & Pre-Work

Get yourself oriented to the masterclass & understand what to expect. Set yourself up for success & set your expectations on what you’ll get out of the course.

Module 1: Topics & Headlines

Learn how to choose blog post topics & write irresistible headlines your target audience can’t not click on.

Module 2: Writing the Introduction

First impressions are everything, and a boring first sentence (or first paragraph) is a death sentence in the blogging world. Learn how to avoid this trap & get real-life examples of how to improve even the most boring topics.

Module 3: In the Middle & Calls to Action

After you write a jaw-dropping intro, you’ve got to keep the middle of the post interesting too. (So attention doesn’t drop off.) 

Learn the valuable skill of keeping each section of your blog post super interensting, and learn how to anchor your posts towards calls to action that contribute to your profitability and your bottom line.

Module 4: Clean it Up & Look Like a Pro

Editing is a magical skill that often gets overlooked in blogging and content production. Learn how to edit your posts the perfect amount, and how to use your time editing to polish your blog posts so it looks like a high-end, professional writer wrote them.


Only $147 for lifetime access!

Things You’ll Learn & Get out of the Masterclass


Months worth of blog content.

Complete 1-2 months’ worth of content on your first run-through of the masterclass.


A repeatable process that becomes second nature.

Blogging may not come naturally to everyone, but with frequent practice & guidance (3-6 times per year of doing this course), you’ll be a master in no time.


A better understanding of your audience.

A lot of times, blog posts aren’t successful because they’re not on-point with what an audience is looking for. Get rid of this problem & get some super juicy audience insights in the first module alone.


Real life examples.

See plenty of real-life examples of how this “blogging with balls” method applies to the real world. (And even to super boring topics… you can make anything interesting!)


Getting proper attention, every time.

Learn how to write incredible (but non-click-bait-y) headlines that your audience can’t help but click on. 


Get found more often in search engines.

Wish your dream clients would just magically come to you through Google? With the topics research you do in Module 1, this happens more & more often.


STAY interesting, even after the headline.

Learn how to write the bulk of a blog post, fill it with facts, and keep it interesting so people DON’T close your tab & stick around to the end.


Blogging that moves the needle & grows your business.

Learn to craft calls to action at the end of your blog posts that helps you grow your business in all the right ways. 

Only $147!!! 😱


Really appreciated this masterclass. It helped me wrap my head around the whole blogging process & finally start writing blog posts I’m happy with & that my visitors like. My web stats are up too! Would recommend this to anyone who needs help blogging.

Amber Clear

Blogging With Balls Masterclass Student

I’ve gone through this course twice now & I can feel myself getting better & starting to get the hang of it. It’s definitely helped me relate to my audience better, and for that I am grateful.

Johnathan Fann

Blogging With Balls Masterclass Student

Short, practical course loaded with lots of info!

Shingirai Gwatidzo

Blogging With Balls Masterclass Student

Some excellent ”gold nuggets” captured in the course. Chelsea explained it in an easy and laid back way for beginners without jargon. I really enjoyed the course and will review it again.

George Smith

Blogging With Balls Masterclass Student

Only $147 for lifetime access & priceless results…. so what are you waiting for? 😉

Change Your Content, Change Your Life

Content is QUEEN on the internet. Why? Content is THE thing people pay attention to when they find you online. Your blog posts, your website copy, and the things you share on social media. It ALL contributes to how much attention (& money) they pay you. When you have better, more engaging content, it opens up the possibility to earn more. Especially in the internet’s attention economy.  So why not start optimizing your business for it today?

Start Blogging With Balls... & Start making More Money 💰

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