About Business Bitch

So… umm… are you really a bitch?

Good question.

I mean, I did shell out the cash for this URL, right?

If you asked people in my social circle if I’m a bitch, they’d 100% tell you no.

I’m a total softie who sometimes cries at songs on the radio. I’m an empath & I’m sensitive to other people’s emotions & hard times. And at the end of the day, I just want us all to be happy and hug each other.

But, I’m also not just some love fluff-cloud floating around in the sky.

I’m a woman with a mission, and I really hate it when obstacles stand in my way—or, because I’m so empathetic, when obstacles stand in other peoples’ way & stop them from achieving their most heart-felt, life-long dreams.

So I can get a little bitchy & irritated when I see others spreading beliefs that business is hard. Or that it takes a long time to be successful… or that learning software or doing marketing is something you have to shell out $10,000+ to an agency for.

Because that is 100% NOT true, and in my experience, you get at least 10x better results doing it yourself anyway. And it really doesn’t take long to learn. (Especially when you have a coach who can talk you through it in human language, not fake, fancy business jargon.)

People who do coaching calls with me or who hire me to make a tutorial video for them usually get things done within a week that they’ve been trying to figure out for months.

Whether it’s software, getting on podcasts as a guests, or getting your link published on other cool blogs in your niche…. Yes, it does take some work, but it doesn’t have to be hard work, nor does it have to take ages.

I’m all about accelerating how quickly you get to each stepping stone… because I know you deserve it.

I can help you get your dream into reality, so it’s here in front of you, working for you day to day, without wasting your time or money.

The fact that other “coaches” out there don’t do this absolutely eats at me every single day.

They’re single-handedly destroying people’s dreams because they’re dragging them out for SO LONG, for crying out loud!

I mean, for fuck’s sake… I spent $2,000 and EIGHT MONTHS putting together my first ever product for passive income. I let a smooth-talking online business expert convince me that HIS methods were the best, and that if I didn’t buy his course, I’d regret it massively.

And hell if I didn’t spend the first seven months just totally spinning my wheels on useless busy-work. Only after that did I get a month of actual work done: I made my course, recorded the videos, made the PDF downloads, and got all the software in place to put it up for sale.

Like, I could have wasted a lot less time & potentially made a lot more money. 

So I’ve made things like my “Easy Passive Income” course, that retails at $67, and can get you a passive income product up & ready to sell within 24 hours. No shit.

And if that means I’m a bitch, then so be it.


Because I’m all about business being easy… for you and for me. 

The world needs it, I need it, and you need it. 

So remind me… WHY are we keeping things complicated again?!?

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