About Business Bitch

So… umm… are you really a bitch?

Good question.

I mean, I did shell out the cash for this URL, right?

If you asked people in my social circle if I’m a bitch, they’d tell you no.

I’m a total softie who cries at songs on the radio. I’m sensitive to other people’s emotions & hard times. And at the end of the day, I just want us all to be happy and hug each other.

But I’m also a woman with a mission, and I really hate it when obstacles stand in my way—or when obstacles stand in other peoples’ way & stop them from achieving their most heart-felt, life-long dreams.

So I can get a little bitchy when I see others preaching that business is hard. Or that it takes a long time to be successful… or that learning software or doing marketing is something you have to shell out $10,000 to an agency for.

Because that is 100% NOT true, and in my experience, you get at least 10x better results doing it yourself anyway. And it really doesn’t take long to learn. (Especially when you have a coach who can easily talk you through it.)

People who coach with me usually get things done within a week that they’ve been trying to figure out for months.

Whether it’s software, getting featured as a podcast guest, or getting your link published on super popular website…. Yes, it does take some work, but it doesn’t have to be hard work, nor does it have to take forever.

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Get More Freelancing Clients

In the world of freelancing, there’s A LOT of competition. (With layoffs & everyone working from home… EVERYONE wants those hot freelancing gigs!)

But worry not, Business Bitch! This three-part training teaches you how to stand out from the crowd, host a conversation with a potential client, and how to pitch VALUE so you’ll land more deals.

The Easiest Passive Income Strategy

Learn the big, Business Bitch secret to creating digital, passive income products that are easy to create, quick to sell, and that your audience will LOVE. 

Training comes with an explanatory video, downloadable PDF guide, and three days of pre-written emails I’ll send you that’ll support you throughout implementing the training content. 

Consulting: Meet the Right People to Help Your Business Grow

High-end referrals and a great network are a good consultant’s lifeline. 

Learn how to pinpoint the people you should have in your network, how to identify events you should attend (because some events suck), and what TF to say to introduce yourself to people. 

Soon, it won’t matter that you started from nothing. You’ll be at the top of your field!

But… who the hell am I to be teaching all this business stuff? 

Below’s a fun little click-to-expand timeline of my self-employed & career history for you:


As a college student, I began freelance writing for local newspapers. The experience was fun, but doing it without pay or credit sucked.

Also 2008: That fun economy crash we all remember so well.


Started my first official business as an LLC in September.

Also 2018

Expanded Copy Power (my first business) into an agency model with sub-contractors to take on the overflow of projects I couldn’t or didn’t want to handle.


Graduation. Magna Cum Laude with a Journalism degree, and I was even the #1 Journalism graduate in my class.

Can’t get a job to save my life. Doesn’t matter that I have the most impressive resume of any of my friends. No one’s hiring in print media or marketing. Thanks, recession from 2008.


Got booked solid & had to stop taking on new clients within that new business.


The business coaching demand grew, but it was getting too complicated under the umbrella of my old business, so I started Business Bitch. I booked my first coaching clients under this brand and launched a handful of digital trainings.

2010 (Still)

Begin freelancing online for $10 to $15 per article. Cheap pay, but it was money in the bank.

Learn the importance of copy written online, and how it increases the bottom line of business.


Launched my first digital course & had a GREAT first launch.

Promptly created & launched my second digital product that has paid me money every month since, without fail & is completely passive income.

Also 2019

Started a podcast, The Business Bitch Podcast. You should listen. 🎧 


Series of all kinds of random jobs (grocery clerk, English as a foreign language teacher, data entry, etc. that somehow culminated in living in India for two years with a full-fledged marketing career where I was promoted to Content Director and then Chief Marketing Officer of an app development company and startup incubator.

To say I learned a lot is an understatement.

(All while keeping my freelance writing career alive and learning more about copywriting, online marketing, and self employment in my free time.)


Ran a membership coaching site under the brand of my first business because I kept getting SO MANY requests for business coaching help. A membership site was the easiest way to provide it to the number of people who were asking.


Growing & expanding both companies. 


Return to full-time freelance writing.


Got anywhere from 2.3x to 3.5x expected sales and results for ANY marketing or launch campaign I worked on through my copywriting agency.

In short, I know a thing or two about online business.

And if you haven’t yet reached the point of earning $300,000 per year or $25,000 per month, I can help get you there faster than you could do it by yourself.

What’s my business coaching like?

My coaching strategy is a little different than most.

Yes, I can sign you up for long-term coaching, but that’s not where I like to start.


It pisses me off when coaches who know nothing about me try to funnel me into paying $5,000 to work with them, without knowing much about me.

Instead, I like to start with troubleshooting calls

These last an hour, and cost less than $300. ($250, to be exact)

A small investment, but with BIG payoffs.

In these troubleshooting calls, we get down to the issues and the brass tacks immediately. I’m great at drilling into what isn’t working & why you’re not yet meeting a certain goal. At the end I give you a to-do list you can start acting on ASAP.

Here’s what one guy said who booked one with me:

“In one call with Chelsea she gave me 2 actionable items that we put into place on the same day. Those 2 small changes immediately increased our weekly sales by over $5,000. I couldn’t be happier.”

We get results FAST.

(And save your wallet.) 


Because I’m all about business being easy… for you and for me. 

The world needs it, I need it, and you need it. 

Successful companies of my own

Hours spent becoming a business expert... and counting


I can multiply sales by this much. Easily.

Digital Trainings (& counting)

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Practical How-To's

Grow your business with things like: making more money, building popularity, making marketing easier & more effective, saving money. 



Glimpses into what it takes to run Business Bitch, along with my other company, Copy Power.

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Great ways to keep making more money. (You get a killer easy passive income tip in the first dispatch.) 

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