I don’t know about you, but any time I get to the end of a year, I feel like shit.

I feel like I’ve worked & worked & worked and like I really don’t have all that much to show for it.

That isn’t necessarily true, because I’m more future-focused than I am past-focused, so my mind tends to over-emphasize what I haven’t accomplished yet vs. what IĀ have accomplished. And while it does keep me driving forward, when you don’t take the time to give yourself credit for all your hard work, it’s easy to burn out and think “all this hard work amounts to nothing.”

So that’s why I made a list of all. the. things I did in 2019… for myself & for you. Without further ado, here it is:


Business things I did in 2019. In no particular order:

  • Had a failed launch for my membership site for my other company, Copy Power.
  • Turned right around & had another failed launch for a coaching package I decided to offer off the back of that failed launch.
  • Went on a business retreat in Florida with the ladies from my 2018 business mastermind.
  • Kept in touch with some of them & have semi-regular calls to encourage each other & keep each other accountable.
  • Decided to “kill my darling” & end my precious membership site I put so much into, because I knew the universe had something better for me.
  • Committed to taking a month off to figure out what was going wrong in my first business, Copy Power.
    • Realized there wasn’t really anything wrong, and ended up starting another business (Business Bitch) instead.
  • Wasted some money on business courses after the first of the year, when my goals & emotions were high, and I was susceptible to people taking advantage of them. (Keep yourselves on guard for this. If you know it’s something you want, that’s great. But don’t let someone inject false FOMO into you if you don’t really need it.)
  • Went from idea to brand-new business + website launched in 19 days flat.
  • Recorded some videos for YouTube… five of which I’ve yet to edit & publish. (But they’re really good.)
  • Was a guest on a few podcasts.
  • Started my own podcast. (Which you should totally subscribe to.)Ā 
  • Had some copywriting clients shit out on our projects. Hey, it’s part of business & is their loss.
  • Wrote lots of articles & some ebooks for WordPress.com. (A pretty big-name company.)
  • Made “BusinessBitch.com” t-shirts, and wore the same exact outfit every single day to the World Domination Summit. (Blog post on my reasoning behind this coming later.)
  • Did a monthly reflection every. single. month. to take stock of where I’ve been, how far I’ve come, and how to best move forward towards my goals.
  • Became WAY more spiritually in-tune with business than I ever have been before.
  • Completed saying 120 days of affirmations. (Listen to this podcast episode with Harriette Hale to know what I’m talking about.)
  • Took super duper radical responsibility for my business income, and started upping my game around my actions and my mindset surrounding it.
  • Began devouring Amanda Frances content like it’s my job.
  • Read 29 books, and started 3 more I’m not finished with yet.
  • Discovered what the next business I’ll start will be.
  • Realized that I will probably always & forever be a multi-business owner, even if I do sell my first company.
  • DECIDED TO SELL MY FIRST COMPANY. (And took super scary actions towards making that happen.)
  • Got obsessed with watching Shark Tank there for a little while, and fell in love with the sharks. (I still like it even if I don’t watch it as much.)
  • Became engrossed in Rich Dad, Poor Dad content & have basically made up my mind that I’m going to be one of the richest women I know. (That feels really scary to say out loud, but it’s the truth.)
  • Typed a lot of words.
  • Published a lot of blog posts.
  • Refused to let certain websites publish my content, because they had bad ethics & didn’t treat me well as a writer.
  • Helped other people start their own businesses by guiding them in weekly sessions & via email support.
  • Realized I want to move to a new city.
    • Pursued an opportunity to live in said location. I don’t think that particular opportunity will work out, but my desire to be there isn’t any less because of it. So we’ll see what happens. šŸ‘€ (Stay tuned)
  • Probably took more time off than I ever have before. (I didn’t track my time to be able to officially quantify this, but I’m about 111% sure it’s true.)
  • Started creating an EPIC training for the Business Bitch audience, that got put on the shelf & I’ll finish later.
  • Learned how to sell a company, for crying out loud. (It’s a big deal, but learning how to do it is nowhere near as hard as you think it’d be.)
  • Started having my groceries delivered. #LifeSaver (Not exactly a business thing, but it is a time & energy thing, which is crucial for entrepreneurs.)
  • Interviewed some INCREDIBLE people that have inspired me to do some great things in my business… that I may not have been able to chat with otherwise without my podcast as an excuse. šŸ˜‰
  • Got my energy into alignment with my goals in a way I never have before, and in a way I just can’t put into words. But it feels so strong and so powerful.


It always floors me when I make lists like this. The last time I made one was in 2017.

And I quoted something then that I’m going to quote here again:

“We over-estimate what we can do in a day, but under-estimate what we can do in a year.”

Isn’t that incredible?

So now that you know all of what I did business-wise in 2019, I hope it’s inspiration to crush your 2020 goals. Because with an ENTIRE YEAR ahead of you, you can clearly achieve it.

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