$10k Consulting Deals is Coming Soon!

I know, I wish I had it finished too.

But I was too excited to wait.

Just couldn’t bring myself to NOT go ahead and publish that free email course you signed up for… even if I wasn’t finished with the “optional up-sell” for people who wanted to go deeper.

If you sign up for the waitlist, I’ll let you know the INSTANT this training goes live, AND send you a 50% off coupon code to buy it as soon as it’s ready.

(Plus you’ll get access and a chance to join before the rest of the public. 😉)

Here’s what’ll be included in $10k Consulting Deals: 

Getting Attention

An intro module on how to position yourself so people pay attention & don’t write you off as just another wanna-be.

The RIGHT People

An in-depth module on WHO to network with and HOW to approach them. Scripts and templates to know what to say & when.

Maintain Relationships

Not every connection immediately becomes a client. Learn how to sustainably maintain LOTS of business relationships.

Better Web Copy

How to write your web copy so it’s clear you’re one of THE go-to, smartest consultants in your niche.

Important Conversations

How to handle the conversation when someone approaches you about a consulting opportunity… so you land it.

Better Phone Calls

How to conduct your client discovery call to get the information you need to write a jaw-dropping proposal.

Jaw-Dropping Proposals

Write proposals that go above and beyond what people are used to seeing. Blow their minds & become the #1 choice.

Sealing the Deal

How to follow up, seal the deal, and get your invoices paid.

Bonus: Retainer Clients

A bonus module on selling month-to-month consulting deals (retainers) after your clients have already fallen in love with you.

I'm so excited about this training.

I’m so excited about this training, because I know it’ll REALLY help you reach that next level of booking consulting gigs… so you can get closer + closer to the business and life of your dreams.

Can’t wait for the training?

Then you might be interested in one of my Troubleshooting Calls

🗣 In these calls, I talk DIRECTLY with you, 1:1.

We talk for an hour, and we dive DEEP into what your upcoming goals are, what problems you’re having, why you haven’t met a certain goal yet, and so forth.

You don’t have to feel afraid to tell me WTF you’re so damn frustrated about, because the Business Bitch Coaching World is a judgement-free zone. I’m just 100% just here to help. (And to call you out on your bullshit so you can get stuff done, if need be.)

Check out more information on my troubleshooting calls here, and I’ll talk to you soon! 💖 

P.S: They’re affordable as fuck. 😉

Even though they’re private & 1:1 calls, they’re hella affordable. Expensive business coaching is bullshit, and I’m on a mission to get well-meaning, smart people like you the help you deserve at a price that won’t hurt your bank account. 😉 🙌

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