Passive income is something people really stress out about, but honestly shouldn’t. It can be easy to create something to sell for passive income when you take the pressure off, just like I talk about in this video.

Here are 10 easy passive income ideas you can use yourself.


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Hey hey hey there!

Today we are talking about passive income ideas, because if you don’t know yet, I’m a HUGE fan of making passive income easy.

In fact, I’ve got a free training on it at, and you should totally go sign up for it, because you WILL NOT regret it. It’s a methodology that’s helped me and SO MANY clients create passive income easily and quickly… and trust me, it’ll help you too.


Let’s talk about some passive income ideas, shall we?

Because when we hear people talking about passive income online, most of the time, they’re talking about online courses.

And guys, let me just say: I am NOT here to diss online courses.

I love them, I love selling them, I love BUYING them, and I’ve made and sold 15 of my own to date.

They’re amazing.

But not everyone has a business model or a customer base that’s super conducive to online courses.

Or maybe they just aren’t AT ALL interested in doing all the things involved in making a massive course, because they’ve got better things to do. (Which is totally valid and fair, by the way.)

Here are 10 ideas you can do instead:

Graphic designs
If you’re a designer, and especially if you have a knack for designing mockups or templates, you can create some good-looking ones and sell them on Creative Market. (The link is below this video.) People who aren’t designers who need good-looking images for their business are always looking for unique, legal templates to use, so selling them on a place like Creative Market is perfect. I’ve personally purchased things like fonts and social media imagery there before, and can vouch that it’s a great experience.
A recipe card
This could be a recipe for an actual food-based recipe like a smoothie or a delicious vegan birthday cake, or it could be a more obscure recipe… like for creating something digitally or a non-edible product, like making your own soap. You wouldn’t necessarily charge a lot of money for it, but you can bet people would pay $5 for the best pizza dough or chocolate chip cookie recipe around. Plus, it’s a no-brainer for people in your target market.
A mini video + PDF training
So this is sort of like an online course, but it’s a miniature version. Instead of creating a massive course with a bunch of different modules, you can create a training with one video and one PDF guide. That’s it! Your audience will love it, and you’ll have an amazing passive income product to brag about.
A PDF checklist
Just because you know how to do something in your sleep doesn’t mean your audience does. In fact, it’s probably why they follow you: to get in on your knowledge. Creating an inexpensive PDF checklist to sell gives them exactly what they are looking for out of your relationship.
An ebook
A lot of people think ebooks have run their course, but they actually haven’t. If you’re a vacation planner to a certain destination, for example, an ebook helping people avoid vacation pitfalls in that destination is the PERFECT passive income product to sell, and your audience will love it & love you for it.
An email course
Got a basic skill you can effectively teach in 3-5 lessons? Write those lessons out in text, and set them up as an email autoresponder. As soon as people buy in, they get lesson one, and then get one lesson per day after that.
A drop-shipped physical product
When you drop-ship, it basically means that you collect an order for a seller… but you can charge whatever you want AND you don’t have to deal with any of the shipping logistics. Basically, you collect the order and the payment…. and then pass the order on to the seller & pay them their wholesale price & whatever it is they charge for shipping. Sites like Ali Express are a good place to start exploring these possibilities. (Though I’d suggest ordering a sample of something for yourself before you start selling it to your audience.)
A rolodex of contacts
I’ve bought two of these before, and it’s been some of the best money I’ve ever spent. In a lot of niches, and in business in general, it’s all about who you know… but people who are just getting started don’t know anyone. Putting together a list of contacts to help people get started is incredibly valuable… and you can actually charge a lot of money for it. (Just make sure the people you’re listing are cool with it… because it’s never fun to be inundated by a bunch of emails from strangers that you aren’t expecting.)
Affiliate marketing
If you have products you use and normally recommend to your audience… chances are that company is a part of some sort of affiliate program. Basically, what that means is, you can sign up for their affiliate program, get a special referral link to use any time you send someone to their site…. and if that person buys within 30-90 days, you get a commission. Super easy, and you get paid to do what you’d already be doing anyway. I personally love passive income from affiliate marketing.
Stock photos
If you’re a photographer with an eye for taking photos that are usable by a lot of different people in a lot of different industries, consider putting together a package of stock photos to sell. You can sell them on your own website, or look into a stock photo site.

And guys, those are just TEN ideas.

The amount of ways you can earn passive income really is endless, but it’s important to start somewhere. I picked these ten ideas because they’ll give you a relatively easy place to start.

But…. if you want to make getting started with passive income even easier, I’ve got a free training on it at

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Love you guys, and I’ll see you there! 😘 Bye!

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